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Dialogue Flash Cards with Anki

Hi everyone,

One of my favorite ways to review The Dialogue is by using the first letter of each word. For example, half moon pose starts like this:







And so on....

Several years ago I was looking for the best way to review The Dialogue on my phone and really commit it into my long-term memory—that's when I discovered a program called Anki.

Using Anki, I created flash cards for The Dialogue for every posture using the first letter of each word. Additionally, I created cards for the names of each posture in English and Sanskrit. Now I can study The Dialogue on my phone, and it doesn't feel like studying—it feels much more like playing a game. At our workshops and seminars in the past, I've shown teachers my flash cards and they have always been well received, so I decided to make a version that I could share.

"Anki" is the Japanese word for "memorization" and the program uses the spaced repetition system (SRS) to maximize your ability to memorize information. In simple terms that means the app tries to estimate when you're likely to forget something and then reminds you before you forget.

Anki is freeware on the Mac and PC. There is also a free Android app (AnkiDroid). The Anki app on iOS is NOT free; however, you can pretty easily set it up so that you can review on your iPhone using Safari instead of the app. See the end of this post for more info.

How to set up the flash cards:

1) Download and install Anki onto your platform of choice.

2) Open Anki

3) On desktop, download the .apkg file from the following link and then open it. It should be added to Anki automatically. If not, choose "import" and then select the file.

On iOS, click "Add" and then choose "Download Link" and paste the link above.

4) Click "Study Now" and start having fun!

If you want to review the postures for free on your iPhone (or any phone for that matter), follow these additional steps:

1) Create an Ankiweb account.

2) Open the Anki program and hit the synchronize button. This will copy the Dialogue deck to your Ankiweb account.

3) Log back in to your Ankiweb account and you should now see the Dialogue deck.

4) Click "Study Now" and start having fun. Enjoy!

Lastly, there may be some typos in the deck. If you find any, please send me an email and I will fix them ASAP. In the meantime, you can hit "Edit" and fix your copy for yourself.


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