The Toolbox: Tools for Teaching Bikram Yoga

A reference guide for Bikram Yoga teachers by Teri Almquist

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Recommended reading for all Bikram Yoga teachers.
Also available in person at:
Wellness Hot Yoga (Teri's studio)
Tranquil Point, Tasmania, Australia
From Kat Pearson in Queensland, Australia
From Richard Levy in Sydney, Australia

When Teri Almquist introduces herself to a group of Bikram Yoga teachers, she often says something like: “Hi, I'm Teri, and I've come here with a box full of great tools for teaching Bikram Yoga. I am here to share those tools with you!” Now those tools are available in book form.

From Teri's Blog:

Over the last decade I have mentored hundreds of Bikram Yoga teachers and answered thousands of their teaching questions. This book was inspired by all of those questions and the teachers who asked them. My hope is that now teachers around the world will have access to the information that was previously only available by coming and staying in my house.


The tools in The Toolbox add to the foundation of teacher training to give all teachers the ability to be great teachers. I hope The Toolbox will serve as a resource guide through your many years of teaching. Enjoy!

Read a sample of the book: