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Yoga Retreats

Teri and Steven usually do a couple of yoga retreats per year. Every February we go to the Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica and then we usually do at least one retreat somewhere else, like Tasmania, Tuscany, Thailand, or other places that start with T. 

These are not Teach From Love events, as they are open to everyone, students and teachers alike; however, lots of teachers like to come on retreat with us because it's a whole lot of fun. We strive to create the perfect yoga vacation. There's no special eating plan or enforced schedule; instead, everything is optional and you get to decide how to spend your week.

If you need a healing yoga retreat where you practice every day, you can do that (bring your family members with you, especially the sick or injured ones!). If you just want to go on vacation but you need a good Bikram Yoga class every third day, you can do that, too! All our retreats have delicious food, guided meditations, and fun day activities.

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