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Frequently Asked Questions

About The Webinars

When is the next live webinar?

All upcoming webinar dates are posted on the webinars page.


How can I get the most out of the webinars?

Many teachers use the webinars as a monthly mentoring program, either on their own or with other teachers at their studio. Each webinar provides new tools for teaching and presents an area in your class to focus on for the month following the webinar. If you already know what you want to work on next, watch the webinar on that subject. If you're not sure, watch a few of them until you find something that resonates with you. Over time, go back and watch the older webinars again—as you grow as a teacher, you will hear them in a new way.

How can I help my whole studio benefit from the webinars?

Talk to the teachers you work with! Several studios have implemented some kind of get together to discuss the webinars, usually a week or two afterwards so everyone has time to watch the recording. You might create a group email, or set an informal get together—lunch, dinner, etc. Webinars can be a great way to get all of your teachers talking to each other. 


What if I have follow-up questions?

You can ask questions at the next live webinar or in our Facebook discussion group. For certified Bikram teachers only, the group offers a forum for good follow-up conversation and is becoming a great community where teachers can go for support and to ask questions.

More about the live webinars

What is the benefit of being on a live webinar?

The live webinar is a lot of fun. It's interactive, you have a chance to ask questions, and get clarifications on the topics that are important to you.


What software do you use for the live webinar?

We use the Zoom platform. There are apps for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and you can even watch without the app on some browsers (albeit with limited functionality). Install the app now:

More about the recordings of the webinars

Where can I find recordings of previous webinars?

Recordings of our previous webinars are available as a subscription at: The recordings are hosted on, so you will need to create an account with Vimeo before you can view the recordings. You can also access the webinars at this link, directly: 


When is the recording available?

Usually within a a day or two after the live webinar.

What if I want to unsubscribe? Is there a commitment?

You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. There is no commitment. It is easiest to unsubscribe from

Why did you switch from a buy/rent model to a monthly subscription (2018)?

We want the webinars to be available to a much wider audience than we were reaching with the old model. Having to rent each webinar individually can be cost prohibitive for the teachers who are just finding out about us. 

What happens to the webinars I purchased before it was a subscription?

Any webinars you purchased in the past are still available to you on


What if I'm struggling financially and I can't catch the live webinars?

Our hope is that the recorded webinars cost a fraction of what you earn to teach a single class. It may help to think of it that way: you're teaching one class per YEAR as an investment in yourself. We want this information to be available to every Bikram teacher who wants it—that's one of the reasons the live webinars are free. We don’t want money to be a limiting factor, so if you are struggling please contact us so we can work something out.

Can I download the webinars and watch them offline?

You may be able to view them offline by using the Vimeo App on your device. From the vimeo FAQ: Tap the ellipsis next to the video you want to download and tap “Make Available Offline.” Your video will begin downloading to your device, and you’ll see a progress bar appear. Once the download has completed, you can find it under the Offline tab of your Playlists.


I still have questions!

Ok, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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