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Teach From Love Workshops

Workshops are designed to help teachers grow, ask questions, and get reinspired. All the while maintaining the trust of your students and strengthening your teaching community. See Teri's blog post on trust. Teri will come to your studio and spend two days working with your teachers, sharing her tools for teaching.


Workshops are very information dense, we cover a lot of different topics in the two days. Fortunately, many of the topics are in The Toolbox, so teachers can refer back to the information again and again.

Sample Format (every workshop is a little bit different):

Day 1: Teri will introduce herself to all the teachers and lecture about her philosophy of teaching. Then Teri will teach a regular 90 minute class followed by a one-hour Q&A session for your students (and teachers). After the Q&A, the students go home feeling inspired and Teri will continue the discussion with just the teachers. This class is extremely valuable for the teachers and enjoyable for the students.


Day 2: Teri will teach an observation class (a regular 90 minute class, with all of the teachers sitting in the back to watch her teach). This is a great learning opportunity and a great launchpad for further discussion topics.


Then Teri will teach a private lesson with all of the teachers sitting in to watch. This is a very efficient way for Teri to share knowledge about the postures and help everyone improve their practice. Teri will continue to work with your teachers throughout the day, perhaps well into the evening, providing as many tools for teaching as possible.

Teri is happy to stay with you, the studio owner, or one your teachers. This gives you even more opportunity to discuss things and have some great one-on-one time with Teri.

If you would like to schedule a workshop, or if you have any questions, please email: Steven@TeachFromLove.Yoga. or send us a message.

When you contact us, we will send you an email with more information and some suggestions on pricing and other logistics. If at all possible, we recommend you attend a workshop before hosting one at your studio. This will help you plan your own workshop and ensure that your expectations are met.

Past Workshops:

Rebel Hot Yoga — Wilmington, North Carolina (November, 2015)*

Bikram Yoga Exton — Exton, Pennsylvania (March, 2016)

Bikram Yoga San Jose — San Jose, California (May, 2016)

Bikram Yoga Richmond, Richmond, Virginia (June, 2016)

Forge Hot Yoga — Portland, Oregon (September, 2016)

Kula Yoga — Hamburg, New York (November, 2016)

Bikram Yoga Fitzroy — Melbourne, Australia (October, 2017)

Bikram Yoga Adelaide — Adelaide, Australia (October, 2017)

Bikram Yoga The Gabba — Brisbane, Australia (October, 2017)

Bikram Yoga Maroochydore — Maroochydore, Australia (Oct, 2017)

Bikram Yoga Brookvale — Sydney, Australia (October, 2017)

Denver Bikram Yoga — Denver, Colorado (June, 2018)

Bikram Yoga St. Johns — Portland, Oregon (November, 2018)

Bikram Yoga Sonoma — Sonoma, California (May, 2019)

Bikram Yoga Long Beach — Long Beach, California (June 2019)

JTown Hot Yoga — Jenkintown, PA (April 2021)

JTown Hot Yoga — Jenkintown, PA (December 2021)*

Hot For Yoga — Jandakot, Western Australia (October 2023)

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