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Teri Almquist

Teri has been a certified Bikram Yoga teacher since the spring of 2005 and studio owner of Wellness Hot Yoga (formally Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley) since 2008. She excels at mentoring teachers and is consulted by teachers and students from all corners of the globe for her expertise in healing injured bodies through yoga.


In 1991, while working in the mental health field, Teri sustained a severe spinal injury which left her unable to move her head for 13 years. In an effort to put off a seemingly inevitable surgery, Teri took her first Bikram Yoga class in April of 2004 and it changed her life forever. With a regular practice, Teri was able to regain full range of motion in her neck and avoid surgery.  She has been dedicated to sharing her knowledge of the healing power of Bikram Yoga ever since.

Teach From Love

Teri has mentored hundreds of Bikram and bikram method yoga teachers to help them become more confident, effective, and, knowledgeable—always meeting them where they are and building their confidence until they blossom into powerful teachers and leaders in our community. Over the last ten years, Teri has accumulated great tools for teaching Bikram Yoga and her greatest joy is sharing those tools with other teachers who want them. She believes every student deserves a good teacher and every teacher deserves the opportunity to be a great teacher.


Teri's philosophy is simple: teach from love. All students will be loved until they love themselves—and then we will love them even more. When she can not figure out what to do for a student, she just tries to love them more. By teaching from love and without judgment of the students (teachers are students, too), Teri creates space for all students to grow and heal. Her primary goal is to give students tools to create a better life outside the room because they do yoga (yoga is not about yoga).

Our mission is to provide teachers with the skills to teach effectively and sustainably and to provide studios with well-trained employees who are all on the same page to ensure brand strength and a successful business. Whether you are a teacher or a studio owner, we have tools to make you successful.

This thirty-minute interview about Bikram Yoga aired on a local television program called "About The Journey." In this interview Teri discusses the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Bikram Yoga. Enjoy!

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