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The First Thing The Students Have To Do Is Trust You

When a student trusts you as a teacher, they will follow you anywhere.

How do we build trusting relationships with our students? By being cooperative, confident, and consistent.

When all the teachers are teaching the same way, it creates a strong trust in the community of teachers. When teachers are using different directions and styles for teaching, very often the students don't know who to trust. When a student doesn't know who to trust, THEY DON'T TRUST ANYONE.

I've seen this happen with visiting teachers. The teachers may be teaching something inconsistently or even improperly which confuses students. They lose trust in the teachers and possibly the yoga. But when the regular team of teachers is presenting a consistent message, it is much harder for a visiting teacher to take the trust away.

The use of Dialogue creates a good base for trust because the students know what is expected of them and what to expect. When the studio owner and the teachers are using the Dialoque it is easier for the students to trust all the teachers, the whole team. When the message is consistent, the students trust even the newest teacher because the expectations are clear.

Variety is wonderful, each teacher brings their own personality, sense of style, of wonder. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, areas of expertise; it is important that students have a variety of teachers. The teaching style of Bikram yoga allows us to bring our own voice to the practice, while still using Dialogue and presenting a consistent message.

When teachers are all on the same page, there is no need to tell the students everything you know, you don't have to convince the students to trust you--they already trust you. When the teaching methodology is consistent and the studio team--the community of teachers--is on the same page, then trust is easy.

I never want to take trust away from you or your students. This is why I am so focused on the continued education of teachers--not students. I would prefer to have students trust the teachers in their studio--even when the teachers are teaching something wrong--than to take their trust away.

I am particularly aware of this when I do my workshops. My goal is to help the studio owners and teachers solidify their teaching and, through understanding what they are teaching, become more confident. I help the teachers so the teachers can help the students. This leaves everyone in a position to be successful, studio owners, teachers and students.

I believe when we know better, we do better. I want to help teachers and studio owners create a trusting community.

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