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I Wrote A Book!

You may have noticed I haven't written any blog posts recently. There is a good reason for that: I've been writing a book. For the last several years, I have been working on The Toolbox and I am so proud to announce that the book is completed, published, and available on Amazon.

Over the last decade I have mentored hundreds of Bikram Yoga teachers and answered thousands of their teaching questions. This book was inspired by all of those questions and the teachers who asked them. My hope is that now teachers around the world will have access to the information that was previously only available by coming and staying in my house.

In the book, I touch on many different topics, including the Dialogue as a foundation, making corrections, the energy in the room, understanding the postures, helping students with injuries and limitations, and how to mentor other teachers. The tools in The Toolbox add to the foundation of teacher training to give all teachers the ability to be great teachers.

Every student deserves a good teacher and every teacher deserves the opportunity to be a great teacher. I hope The Toolbox will serve as a resource guide through your many years of teaching. Enjoy!


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