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After years of running continuing education programs for Bikram and Hot Yoga teachers we are happy to announce Teach From Love ran their first teacher training in 2022 and will continue to run trainings each summer for the foreseeable future.

Teach From Love - Hot Yoga Teacher Training

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Teaching Skills

Making Verbal Corrections

The Energetic Conversation

Working with Limited and Injured Bodies

We plan to announce the details for next year's training very soon. Check back by mid-October for an update. The dates will be June 25th–August 13th, 2023.

Curriculm Includes

Daily Yoga Classes

Two Classes Daily
Classes with Experienced Bikram Certified Instructors
Observation Classes

Posture Clinics

Understanding the Postures
Alignment and Form of Postures
Mechanics of Postures

Dialogue Clinics

Using the dialogue to teach the postures

How the dialogue relates to the body

Public Speaking - delivery, timing, and tempo


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Teri Almquist

Teri has been teaching Bikram Yoga since 2005. She is the author of "The Toolbox" and the founder of Teach From Love. Teri is an OHYA level 3 instructor.

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Steven Haver

Steven is the co-founder of Teach From Love and has been teaching Bikram Yoga since November 2011. He is an OHYA level 2 instructor.

Anatomy and Physiology

Basic Body Systems and Functions

Applied Anatomy and Yoga

Medical Benefits of Postures

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga History

Yoga Sutras

Teach From Love Philosophy and Ethics

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the application using the link below and we will follow up with you promptly!  Please note that completion of this training does not guarantee employment at Wellness Hot Yoga or any other studio.