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Check out our Testimonials page to find out what people are saying about Teri's seminars.

Tranquil Point

Tasmania, Australia

Teach From Love Teacher Seminar:
November 12th–18th, 2023
Sunday to Saturday
$2,099 AUD

A six-night seminar for the continuing education of 26&2 yoga teachers (anyone who teaches the 26&2 is welcome at our seminar). This seminar will focus on skills to improve your teaching and make you more effective, efficient, and confident in your ability to teach Bikram Yoga to every student who walks in the door. This seminar is designed to streamline several years worth of mentoring information into a one-week seminar.


Teri Almquist will cover all aspects of teaching Bikram Yoga, including the philosophy of teaching, teaching with the Dialogue, understanding the postures, making corrections, teaching limited and injured bodies, mentoring other teachers, the anatomy of each posture, and much more. Whether you are an experienced studio owner or a brand-new teacher, Teri will guide you on your next steps for growth.


Included in your seminar:

A signed copy of Teri's book: The Toolbox.

Six nights accommodation at the beautiful Tranquil Point Retreat Center.

Delicious, wholesome food. Organic meals and snacks throughout the day.

Daily Bikram Yoga class.

Lectures and posture clinics during the day.

Q&A discussion in the evening.

Free time for rest and relaxation.

Kayaking in Deep Bay.

Excursions to fun, local attractions.

Tranquil Point is a magical place. In addition to the beautiful 270° ocean views, the landscape of the Huon Valley will take your breath away. Hopefully not for long—as Tranquil Point has some of the cleanest air in the world. It's a wonderful place to breathe easy, do yoga, relax, learn, and grow.

Part of the magic of Tranquil Point is its intimacy. This will be Teri's sixth seminar at Tranquil Point so we know it is the perfect setting for our seminar. Please bring a notebook and your Dialogue. We are going to have so much fun!

Contact Ben Boyle at Tranquil Point to reserve your space today or to ask any questions about the retreat center. The best way to book is to pick up the phone and give him a call: +61 427 651 032. You can also email:
If you have general questions for Teri, or about the content of the seminar, or if you want to let us know that you've signed up, you can email
Arrival Information:
Please arrive into Hobart (HBA) before 2pm on Sunday.
Departure Information:
Please choose a flight departing after 3pm on Saturday, if possible. We usually stop by the Salamanca Markets on the way to the airport.
Please contact Ben Boyle before booking your flights. This is Teri and Steven's first trip to Australia since the pandemic and we are so excited to see all of our Australian friends, and make some new ones, too! 

A sample schedule based on our last seminar at Tranquil Point:

Check out our Testimonials page to find out what people are saying about Teri's seminars.

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